WS2812 5050 RGB LED



Matek WS2812B LED Board With 5V Buzzer For Naze 32 Skyline 32 Flight Controller



Mini PDB Power Distribution Board With 12V Linear Voltage Regulator

Item Name: Mini PDB & Linear Regulator 12V
Working Voltage:  3~6S LiPo
Linear Output Voltage: 12V(4~6S IN),accuracy 2.5%
Linear Output Current: 500mA(4S IN),200mA(6S IN)
Size: 40*22mm
Weight: 3g
Mounting: 24mm / Φ3mm *Support 3S battery, but the output voltage= 3S-1V
*25℃ indoor,16V input, 12V output 500mA in 5mins, the measured temp. on chip is 54℃