Standard 8520 8.5x20mm Coreless motor CWx2 CCWx2


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High Quality Chaoli CL 820 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor

Rated voltage     3.2V DC
Direction of rotation     CW and CCW
Operating voltage range     DC3.0-3.7V DC
Rated speed     39000rpm±12%
Rated current     200mA max
Rated Load     30500rpm±10%
Rated load current     1750mA max


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High Speed 8.5x20mm 50000rpm Coreless Motor

CWx2  CCWx2


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4PC 7A 2S(7.4~8.4V) Micro ESC DIY Micro FPV Racer



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55mm Blade Propeller for 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor DIY Micro Quadcopter

CWx2  CCWx2

Black x2 Red x2



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3-Blade Propeller for 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor DIY Micro FPV Quadcopter

CWx2 CCWx2

Green x2  Black x2


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2 Pair DYS 2030 1.5mm Hole 2 Inch 3 Blade Propeller Triblade Bullnose

for 1102,1104,1105 Brushless motor

1CW+1CCW x 2

Item Name : 2030
Length: about 47mm
Middle Mounting Hole:  1.5mm
Other Mounting Holes : 2mm
Compatible with 1102, 1104, 1105 motor in 6500KV, 7500KV


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