600TVL 2.1mm Lens 1/3" Super Had II CCD Camera IR Sensitive NTSC

DSP model Nextchip 2040
Pixel: NTSC 768(H)×494(V)
TV System: NTSC
FOV: 150degree
Resolution: 650TVL(b/w), 600tvl(color)


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HS1177 600TVL /1/3 SUPER HAD ⅡCCD 2.1mm 150° Lens NTSC

COLOR  :  Orange
John Smyth Factory Edition
2.1mmLens ・センサー補強・防振対策・パラメーター調整
DSP model Nextchip 2040
Pixel: NTSC 768(H)×494(V)
TV System: NTSC
Resolution: 650TVL(b/w), 600tvl(color)
Power Requirement: DC5V~22V
Dimensions(mm): 25X25(W*L)
Weight: 14.6g(with bracket)
Power Consumption: 70mA


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Mista 700TVL 1/3 CCD 2.1mm Wide Angle HD Color FPV Camera PAL/NTSC

CCD type: 1/3 960H CCD
Signal system: PAL/NTSC
Resolution (horizontal center): 700TVL
Digital noise reduction: 2D digital noise reduction (2DNR) supports 0~15 level 16 adjustable
Minimum illumination: 0.01LUX/F1.2
The signal-to-noise ratio: ≥48dB
Video output amplitude: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω
Automatic gain control: 0.25/0.50/0.75/1.00, four grades can be adjusted, the maximum can reach 55dB
Backlight compensation: high brightness backlight compensation (HLC) / backlight compensation
Exposure mode: electronic exposureElectronic shutter: 1/50 (1/60) - 1/100000 seconds
Gamma correction: 0.45/1.0
Operating voltage: DC12V±5%
Operating temperature:-20℃--60℃
Size: 25mm*25mm


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Upgraded Mista 800TVL CCD 2.1mm Wide Angle HD 1080P 16:9 OSD PAL/NTSC FPV Camera

Sensor: 1/2. 7 800TVL CCD
Resolution: D1 1080P
Len: 5MP 2.1mm
Video formats: PAL / NTSC (OSD adjustable Internal)
Signal to noise ratio> 60Db (AGC OFF)
Electronic shutter: PAL: 1 / 50-100,000, NTSC: 1 / 60-100,000
Automatic gain control: YES
Backlight compensation: YES
Illumination intensity: 0.001Lux / 1.2F
Automatic gain control: adjustable
Backlight compensation: adjustable
Power: DC 5V-22V
Shell material: Aluminum alloy
Dimension: 28mm * 26mm * 28mm
Net Weight: 18g


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RunCam Swift FOV M12 2.3mm 150 Degree Wide Angle FPV Camer Lens

Focal Length (mm):  2.3
Horizontal FOV:  115°
Vertical FOV : 85°
FOV : 150°
Weight  : 4.0g
Aperture(F) : 2.0
Mount : 12*0.5
Format(inch) : 1/3"
M.O.D(m): 0.1


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2.1mm 150 degree M12 Wide Angle IR Sensitive FPV Camera Lens


Item name: FPV Camera Lens
Lens: 2.1mm M12
FOV: 150 degree
Size: 14x12mm


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2.1mm 600TVL 1/3" Super Had II CCD Camera IR Sensitive Replacement Camera Lens


Item name: FPV Camera Lens
Lens: 2.1mm M12 5MP
FOV: 150 degree
Size: 17x19mm


1000TVL 1/3 CMOS Camera NTSC / PAL Switchable

Image Sensor : 1/3" CMOS

Pixels : 1280x720

Electronic Shutte : PAL 1/50~1/100,000s   NTSC 1/60~1/100,000s

S/N Ratio : >50dB

Video Output : 1.0Vp-P75Ω

Power Supply : DC5v 1000mA

Working current : 135±5mA

FOV : 110°


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Matek 5.8G 40CH 25/200/500mW switchable Video Transmitter VTX-HV with 5V/1A BEC Output

Input voltage: 7~27V(2~6S LiPo)
40 standard channels, A/B/E/F/R Band
Output Power: 25, 200, 500mW switchable
BEC Output: 5V/1A for Camera or FC
Traditional button+LED control of frequency and power
BFCMS (BFOSD & LUA Script) control via FC UART _TX
Firmware upgradeable


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TBS UNIFY PRO Race 5G8 25mW-200mW Video Transmitter SMA Jack

・Smallest, lightest video transmitter on the market

・2-6S input power supported

・25mW / 200mW power settings

・Ultra-clean transmission (up to 16 pilots at once!)

・PitMode - power up your quad during a race

・Easy OSD, FC and RC channel changes, with fallback button menu

・Robust RF amplifier allows powering up without antenna for hours!

・Clean powerup and video switching

・CE certified


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新着 TS5823 48CH 5.8G 200MW RP-SMA Female FPV Transmitter

Item name: TS5823L Transmitter

Channel: 48CH

Frequency: 5.8G

Operating Current: 190mA/12v

Working temperature: -10-85 ℃

Video bandwidth: 8M
Audio bandwidth: 6.5M

Antenna Interface: RP-SMA

Size: 30x20x8mm
Power: 200mw
Input voltage7-24V


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新着 TS5828L 48CH 5.8G 600MW RP-SMA Female FPV Transmitter

Item Name: TS5828L Transmitter 
Channel: 48CH
Frequency: 5.6G-5.9G
Current: 190mA/12V
Temp.: -10-85℃
Video Bandwidth: 8M
Audio Bandwidth: 6.5M
Antenna: RP-SMA
Size: 38x18x8mm


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Fatshark FPV 5.8G 4dBi Mushroom Antenna RHCP RP-SMA Male

RP-SMA Male (内穴)

Item name: 5.8G Antenna 3dBi

Weight: 11.95g
Gain: 4 DBI
S.W.R: < 1.5 
Polarization: RHCP, Right Hand Circular Polarization
RP-SMA Maleのアンテナカバーはグレー色です。



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Pagoda 2 5.8G Antenna FPV Flat Panel RHCP

Center frequency: 5.8 GHz
Bandwidth: 500 MHz (5.55 – 6.05 GHz)
Matching: S11 < -20 dB, VSWR < 1.22 (at center frequency)
Axial ratio: < 1.3
Radiation efficiency: 95%


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Realacc RHCP Super mini UXII Stubby 5.8GHz 1.6dBi FPV Antenna

Band Name : Realacc
Weight: 4.7g
Size: 24mm x 16mm
Gain: 1.6dbic
Axial ratio: 1.0 (near perfect)
Bandwidth: 5.5GHz-6.0GHz
Radiation Efficiency: 98%
SWR: <=1.5:1
Connector: SMA,RP-SMA
Works great as both a transmitting or receiving antenna
Compatible with other styles of 5.8GHz RHCP antennas